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The light and breathable STRONG KARATE kumite gi* is made of 100% organic cotton (8oz). Guaranteed no child labour in all our manufacturing processes! 


Functional, breathable and light material. Made of thin organic cotton. Ideal for kumite practice but also for everyday training.


*Belt and protective wear not included.


€230.00 Regular Price
€129.99Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
    • material: 100% organic cotton
    • colour: white
    • washing: wash cold or at 30°C
    • shrinkage after first washing: 10%
  • The Strong Karate gi fit is generally a little wider than other karate gi brands. If you are rather skinny please pick a smaller size. If you're of regular to  slightly stronger build consider the size according to your height. Only pick a larger size than your height if you are very strong in build.

    Please note that 10% shrinkage after first washing is already included. Your gi might look a little too wide before washing!

    If you're unsure, please feel free to message us and let us help you pick the perfect gi!

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