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Strong Karate

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Hi and welcome to the Strong Karate website. It's absolutely great to see you!

Please check out the website for more information about karate, the Strong Karate brand and of course - to shop our fair, organic and sustainable karate wear!
...because karate should be fair - for all of us!
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Why practise karate?

This is an easy one. Karate is a great sport for both your body and your mind. It makes you stronger and fitter (you burn a lot of calories during training and build muscle), you'll be more flexible, have more control over your body, you'll learn a great deal about discipline and feel more self-confident than ever.

Also, you'll challenge your brain with all the new moves, techniques and some Japanese words you are going to remember.

Best of all, you'll know how to defend yourself (and others) if need be!

So as I said - how awesome is that? Karate has heaps of benefits!


Feel free to have a look at my Instagram, blog or videos if you wanna know more!

What is karate?


Karate is a traditional martial art from Okinawa, Japan.

It is more than just a sport though because it has so many different aspects.

Here is what is usually trained in a traditional karate school:

  • KIHON (basic techniques)

  • KATA (the form)

  • BUNKAI (application of kata in realistic fight situations)

  • KUMITE (fight)


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