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The world's first FAIR, ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE karate brand!

...because karate should be fair - for all of us.

We offer organic KATA and KUMITE uniforms as well as organic and recycled martial arts belts.  

Guaranteed no child labour in all our manufacturing processes!

All our merch textiles are made from organic or recycled fabrics!

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The karate world is all about fairness and respect. We should not limit this to the dojo or tatami though. Let's be fair to everyone!

The world is recently becoming more and more aware of the social and environmental wrongs in the fashion and textile industry. 

Of course, we all love martial arts and don't wanna abandon all karate wear.

This is why we decided to change the game and offer you fair and sustainable karate gis and belts you can be proud to wear!

For our karate uniforms and belts we guarantee:

- use of sustainable materials like 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled polyester

- no child labour



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Our Kata gis are made of 100% organic cotton material and manufactured without child labour. 

They are traditionally cut and snappy with a heavy 12oz material.

All gis are breathable, skin friendly and super comfortable for an optimal training experience.



Our Kumite gis are made of 100% light and breathable organic cotton (8oz) and of course without child labour.

The material allows super fast movements in all directions: high kicks and explosive techniques guaranteed.


What customers say about our STRONG KARATE products:

Janka (29) from Poland

Amazing gi for normal training and kumite. It's light and comfortable material. Best of all is that it's organic and sustainable.

Kumite Gi size 160cm and blue competition belt 300cm

Customers 02.jpg

Michi (34) from Germany

Very good quality, snappy material and great to wear.

Kata Gi size 170cm

Customers 03.jpg.png

Mia (14) from Germany

It's fun to practise karate in my new gi. My friends also liked it. 

Kata Gi size 150cm 

Customers 01.jpg

Angelika (47) from Austria

Love my new gi. It is good knowing it's made without child labour! All companies should guarantee that.

Kata Gi size 160cm and blue competition belt 280cm

Customers 04.jpeg

Sudheesh (28) from UAE

As a karate instructor I'm wearing my gi every day and really enjoy this one as it is comfortable, strong material and good for the environment!

I will recommend to my students and co-instructors.

Kata Gi size 170cm 


Christian (39) from Germany

I have had various kumite gis but this one just fits perfectly. It doesn't stick to my skin during exhausting training sessions and sleeves and pants have a great length. I chose size 170cm for a height of 178cm. Please read sizing recommendations before ordering!

Kumite Gi size 170cm and black belt 300cm


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