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Well it's time to get to know me!

Oss, my name is Karolin and I'm a super enthusiastic karate practitioner for more than 20 years now.

My goal was to revolutionize the martial arts industry by offering you a karate gi (= uniform) that is made of  SUSTAINABLE and ORGANIC cotton material and produced WITHOUT CHILD LABOUR.


Karolin Senftleben

Karate and fitness trainer, nutritional scientist (M.Sc.)

Hi, I'm Karolin, the founder and owner of Strong Karate!

I'm a super versatile person but my main strengths are karate and fitness training.

I graduated from a well-known German university with a master's degree in Nutritional Sciences and have been working in the food industry and in clinical research since.

However, I dreamed of giving something back to the world and created a fair, organic and sustainable karate gi everyone can be proud to wear.

Also, I love helping fellow martial artists to improve their performance, strength, speed and regeneration.

Due to my previous experience in weight lifting (I set 8 world records in powerlifting in 2011) and functional fitness I know how to effectively use strength training to help you achieve your goals! Especially, if you don't underestimate the impact the right nutrition can have on your performance!

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